Past Exhibitions and Publications

2022 Schapowalow 100 – Tone & Image Gallery, Schiedam, the Netherlands

2019 ArtWave Photo Festival Delft, the Netherlands (group show)

2018 North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2016 BIM Huis Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2015 Boutique Boulevard, Hong Kong
2015 Jazz Museum Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2013 Fürstenwalde, Old Town Hall, Art Gallery Fish Mill

2012 Anna Laudel Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey – Legends of Jazz at ART350
2012 Levante Haus, Hamburg, Germany – ‘60 Years of Jazz Workshop at the NDR’
2012 Gallery Malente Unique
2012 Friends of Fine Arts Ostholstein, group exhibition

2011 Publication of ‘Sophotocated Lady’, the jazz photos of Susanne Schapowalow
2009 Camera Work in Berlin
2008 Permanent exhibition at the Hotel Ellington, Berlin. All rooms and restaurants are provided with pictures.
2001 Rolf Liebermann Studio of Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg, for the 50th anniversary of THE NEW PLANT